Online Course » California Mental Health Services: A Brief Overview (inactive)

Course Description:
This course is intended as a brief introduction to the California Public Mental Health System.
Course Objective:
  • Describe the changes in public mental health services through the decade
  • Summarize the evolution of funding for mental health services in California starting with the 1950s through the beginning of this century
  • Restate the laws concerning mental health funding
  • Define the problems with funding for services
Intended Audience:
County staff, community based organizations, CA state personnel, consumers, and family members
Author Bio:

Sandra Naylor Goodwin, PhD, MSW, President and CEO, CiMH

Sandra Naylor Goodwin is the founding (1993) Executive Director of the California Institute for Mental Health. With nearly 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Goodwin has experience and knowledge of administration, treatment and service methodologies, and planning and policy development at the county and state levels.Dr.Goodwin served as the Director of the Placer County Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse from 1981 to 1988.During that time she was active with the California Conference of Local Mental Health Directors, serving in many capacities, including president.Dr.Goodwin also possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning the governance structure of the California Mental Health System. While serving as Principal Consultant to the Assembly Health Committee of the California State Legislature, she developed a series of fiscal and program reform legislation, including mental health realignment, MediCal consolidation, California Mental Health Master Plan requirements, and California compliance to the ADA.

Dr. Goodwin was deeply involved in developing the county-based system of care with the managed care for the delivery of specialty mental health MediCal services. More recently, she has been directing a CiMH initiative on Values Driven Evidence Based Practices, with a major focus on cultural competency, recovery, and resiliency. And currently Dr. Goodwin is developing a strategy for implementation supports, training and technical assistance to assist the implementation of the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63), passed by California voters in November 2004. The focus of this effort is on transformation of mental health services to support a recovery process.

Dr. Goodwin serves on a number of boards and commissions, including the National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors, the County Behavioral Health Institute, the California State Council on Women's Health, the California Women's Mental Health Policy Council, and the Placer County First Five Commission. Dr. Goodwin possesses a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree.

Course Prerequisite(s):
California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions (1) - view details

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